DSB class MP (IC2)

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  • DSB class MP (IC2) DMU for regional and long distance services.

    Originally intended for entry into service in 2004, the first trains were delivered in 2012. This was due to this being a secondary program after the class MG (IC4) with which it shares most of the components. It was designed to drive together with IC4 from Copenhagen as a long distance service and then at some point decouple from the train and continue as a stopping service. In the end, after four years of unsatisfactory passenger service, the trains were pulled from service in 2016. Three of the 23 units have been sold to Astra Trans Carpatic in Romania.

    Designed for up to 200 kph, ordered in 2002, entry into service in 2012, end of service in 2016. Probably the shortest service life of any Danish train.

    This pack includes zoom2 and opening doors, both the original livery and the later livery some trains got.
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