DSB class ME diesellok

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  • DSB needed new, heavy diesel engines in the late 1970ies to haul fast trains from Copenhagen. After looking at Henschel's DE2500 locomotive, DSB decided to order it - but with a GM engine instead of the MTU engine of the DE2500 (all DSB's diesel engines have been GM). Deliveries started in 1981 and continued for some years. The total amount of DSB class ME locomotives was 37 (ME 1501 - ME 1537). Differences with the earlier dieselloks was AC traction motors and thyristor controls.
    The locomotives are still in service today, but they are expected to be replaced by new Siemens Vectron in 2021 or 2022. This is not the first time they have been announced to be retired, so they are in very bad condition.

    Included in this pack are four different liveries worn by the locomotive:
    - Original black/red livery
    - New red/blue livery worn by two locos only
    - Updated blue/red livery 2003-today
    - New all-red livery from 2017
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