SJ 60-talsvagnar

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  • Here I present to you some of the wagons built during the 60ies - some are still used today. There should be enough types to assemble many trains - unfortunately the 1940s series is still missing (some of which are also still in use today!!!).
    There are four main pain schemes with SJ:
    Brown was used until around 1990
    Blue* and black from 1990 with a slight change since 1993
    Blue and red for InterRegio trains during the 1990ies
    Black since 2006 although some wagons have still not been repainted.

    *: restaurant cars use red instead of blue, luggage vans use white, and mail wagons use yellow.

    The graphics include zoom2 and opening doors.

    (The Rc1 locomotive is for illustration purposes only and is a standard BAHN vehicle)
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    25. April 2024
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