DSB class MG (IC4) DMU

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  • DSB Class MG (common name: IC4) is a DMU developed since the year 2000 by AnsaldoBreda in Pistoia, Italy.
    Many, many problems arose during development delaying the project almost a decade. In de end, only 40-50 are in service each day of all 82 delivered - some have been scrapped already! Designed for 200 kph, the trains are limited to 180 kph in Denmark. Designed to be coupled four together, no more than two running together is common.

    The Italian government gifted one train to Gaddafi in Libya in 2009 (MG 5609). Discovered in 2011 by DSB, they demanded compensation. This odd train is included in the pack, although it might never have driven in Libya.

    Included in this pack are four different liveries, complete with opening doors:
    - Original white prototype livery
    - Original service livery (green door markings)
    - New livery (red door markings)
    - Libyan livery
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