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  • SJ 60-talsvagnar

    1993matias - - 0 Kommentare

    Here I present to you some of the wagons built during the 60ies - some are still used today. There should be enough types to assemble many trains - unfortunately the 1940s series is still missing (some of which are also still in use today!!!).
    There are…
  • Albanian Railways is an often forgotten railway in Europe. But now you can bring them alive in you computer!

    This pack contains a ČKD T669 locomotive in original (factory) colours and the updated colour scheme painted on T669.1054.
    The pack also…
  • Tanzania Railways Corporation is constructing a normal-gauge network in Tanzania. For this purpose, they have bought used double decker wagons from Germany, six of which have already been shipped from Germany. They are former DABza 756 and DBza 751 from…


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Busse aus Dortmund

Dierk Nuechtern -
5.617 1.519

Northern Irish Railways DMU

1993matias -
9.575 1.777

fiktive Minitron

Florian Gappe -
6.623 1.850

Irish Rail DMU classes 2600, 2700, and 2750

1993matias -
11.261 1.902

DSB class ME

1993matias -
9.372 2.119

A'rosa Flusskreuzfahrtschiffe

Dierk Nuechtern -
6.373 2.370


Florian Gappe -
14.542 2.437


S-Bahn-Freund Stgt. -
11.677 2.463

DSB class MP (IC2)

1993matias -
12.082 2.556

DB S-Bahn BR420, BR423, RB425, BR430

S-Bahn-Freund Stgt. -
14.243 2.576
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